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The extended family of Ivonne and Alma B. Rigby
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This community was designed for the relatives and progany of Ivonne and Alma B. Rigby to keep in touch with each other. It's about family. We all live far apart and we all have busy lives. But its important to stay connected and remember where we came from. That's what this community is for. Now we can be more than just extended family, but friends also.

This is a place where you can share about what you and your family has been doing lately; Share good news; Post pictures; Ask for questions and advice from eachother.

This is a moderated community. Only members of the Rigby/Jensen/Pedersen family are permitted to join. Membership is subject to approval of the moderator. This is a safe place for our family and not open to just anyone on the Internet!!

Come, enjoy. Let us get to know each other better. Ivonne and Alma B would like it that way!

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